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Making Renovations Run Smoothly: Our Project Management Secret!

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Renovations require a lot of project management and still don’t always go to plan. Some projects go off without a hitch, while others are delayed for days or weeks as they wait for contractors or materials to turn up. If you’re renovating your own home, these delays can be incredibly disruptive. You and your family could be living without a kitchen, sharing a half-built bathroom, or even living elsewhere while the work is completed.

But what’s the difference between projects that get done on time, and those that seem to flounder? It mostly comes down to good planning and project management. At MyHome Renovations, we have a great project management team – but we also use state-of-the-art tech for 100% visibility and to make sure the job runs smoothly.


On track with tech

For a project to stay on track, someone needs to be telling subcontractors, tradies and suppliers when to turn up and do their bit. Of course, some problems are unexpected and unavoidable – but if you have a good build schedule and good communication, you will avoid many of the problems caused by contractor delays.

At MyHome Renovations, we have great project managers with years of experience – so they know how to set up a realistic build schedule for every project. They’re backed up by our revolutionary cloud-based software system: BuilderTrend.

It’s basically an online project manager, with all the build schedule information, scope of work, variations, purchase orders, product choices, prices and quotes in one place. Every contractor, subcontractor, tradie and supplier involved in your build – including you – can get up-to-date information about your project.

Reschedule and remind

Using project management software is a bonus for our human project managers. Rather than spending all their time ringing around contractors and tradies to let them know when to come in, calling to chase up materials or update the schedule, they can send out automated reminders.

This ensures that the right people are onsite at the right time, and gives our people more time to focus on the important things – like sorting out problems with the build and making sure all the details are perfect.

Keeping you in the loop

The best thing about BuilderTrend? You can access it as well. When you work with us, we give you a login so you can check out what’s going on with your project, what’s next on the schedule, any delays or problems, and any changes to the budget.

No more fruitlessly calling a builder to find out what’s going on with your house, no more wondering why your tiler hasn’t turned up, no more awkward conversations with contractors who arrive out of the blue. Visibility makes it easier for everyone involved.

Better tech, less stress

We can’t make your renovation entirely stress free – you may still need to move out, prepare meals in the garage or share a bathroom with your children for a while – but we do think our approach reduces the disruption to your life.

Our project managers use their experience and skill to set realistic expectations at the beginning, then use our handy software to make sure everything stays on track. Because you can access your project information, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on – which is half the battle.


Want to find out how our project management team can help with your next renovation? Talk to the MyHome team today.

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