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Renovate or relocate? Working out what’s best for your family

Renovating and moving are two of the most stressful, disruptive life events you’ll ever experience. But if your house is too small, too run down, or just doesn’t work the way it should, you probably need to do one or the other. Deciding whether to stay or go can be very difficult – which is why many people put it off and end up living with a tiny kitchen or south-facing living room for years.

At MyHome Renovations, we’ve seen the amazing results of renovations. But we also know that sometimes moving can be the better choice for some families.

Here’s how to figure out what’s best for you:

Renovating – the pros

  • The great thing about a renovation is that you get exactly what you want. With the help of a builder or architect, you design your new spaces, you decide where your doors and windows will go, you pick the flooring and cladding you want. You just don’t get that when you buy an existing house – there are always plenty of compromises to make.
  • Renovating can also be less risky when the housing market is in flux, as it is at the moment. Rather than going through the ordeal of house hunting and trying to work out how much a new property is worth, you can stay put and build equity in your current property. You won’t have to sell your house, deal with agents or lawyers, or pay exorbitant commission fees. In many ways, it’s simpler and more affordable.
  • Finally, renovating or extending lets you hang on to the aspects of your property you like. If you’re in a great street, have an amazing view, or get on really well with your neighbours, it may be worth keeping the location and changing the house.

Renovating – the cons

  • We admit renovations aren’t always straightforward. First, you may have to wait months to get consent from the council, then you’re dealing with weeks or months of disruption – which can include anything from losing the use of your bathroom to moving out altogether. Of course, moving is very disruptive too, but it doesn’t usually take six months.
  • There’s also the risk of overspending – renovations aren’t cheap, and everyone has heard horror stories about unclear quotes, unscrupulous builders, and budget blow-outs.
  • Finally, renovations and extensions can’t always fix every problem you have with your home. You can be limited by the layout of the existing house, your property size, the incline of your land, height-to-boundary ratios – it’s easy to get excited about renovating, but you can’t always do exactly what you want.

MyHome Renovations can help

We can’t make the stay-or-go decision for you, but we can help you out when it comes to the reality of the renovation.

The team at MyHome will manage your project from design to completion. Because we’re involved right from the start, we can use our extensive renovation experience to make valuable suggestions, help you to plan the project carefully and avoid many potential problems before they arise.

We minimise disruption by carefully managing each project. If you want to stay in the house, we’ll do what we can to plan the build around your needs –  even building a makeshift bathroom or kitchen to help you get through the worst of it.

MyHome also strives to avoid budget issues by giving you a fixed price for your project before we start, giving you plenty of warning and cost-saving options if any changes to the project scope come about.

It’s about doing our best to make your project run smoothly, so you get the result you want with minimal stress and disruption.


Trying to decide whether to stay or go? Talk to the MyHome team for help and insight now.

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