Trends in Home Renovations

From lino floors and pastels in the 50s, sunken lounges in the 60s and 70s, bold wall colours in the 90s, subway tiles and indoor plants in the 2010s, home renovation trends are always changing.

At MyHome Renovations, we’re in a great position to see new styles and new ideas as they emerge. We see the trends that go as quickly as they come, and the trends that seem to be popular for decades. Open-plan living and indoor-outdoor flow, for example, seem to be perennial favourites in New Zealand.

Even if you’re not a follower of fashion, it’s good to know what’s new and favoured in home renovations. If you haven’t renovated in a while, you might just find something you love.

Here’s the trends we’ve been seeing in home renovations recently


Kitchen and dining

Minimalism is one of the biggest kitchen trends of the past few years. Think clean, simple lines, flat-front cabinetry, hidden or recessed handles, and materials like concrete and plywood. If you’re used to colour and detail, this might sound dull, but these kitchens can be stunning, everlasting in style – and affordable.

Built-in seating and booths are an emerging dining trend. Whether it’s a traditional three-sided booth, an L-shaped seat with chairs on the other two sides, or a single long built-in banquette, these dining options tend to be modern and minimal, rather than retro. They’re a good way to maximise space in smaller areas and create some extra storage space under the seating.

Black fittings sound out there, but they’re increasingly standard. The positives: they look sleek and modern, they go with almost any colour scheme, and they don’t show water spots like chrome or brass. Just make sure to use them appropriately – they probably won’t mesh with a classic country kitchen.

Bathroom and laundry

Floor-to-ceiling tiles are increasingly common, particularly in smaller bathrooms. Tiles are often larger, with pale colours and marble dominating. This tiling style looks clean and fresh, and is surprisingly easy to maintain.

Wet rooms and level-entry showers go along with the tile trend. Wet rooms are fully tiled, with no distinction between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. Level-entry showers are similar, but usually include a glass screen or door and subtle step down to differentiate the shower.

Ensuites are now an expectation for master bedrooms, not a bonus. Almost every renovation project we do includes an ensuite, and it’s amazing how much you can fit into a tiny space with the help of a good designer.

Laundries are no longer tucked away in a cupboard as an afterthought. We’re seeing more and more high-end laundry or ‘utility’ rooms, complete with custom cabinetry, built-in sinks, LED strip lighting and quality fittings. Imagine having a dedicated space for washing, folding, and ironing laundry or food preparation and storage when entertaining.

Lighting and technology

LED strip lighting is one of the more practical trends we have seen recently. This type of lighting is being installed to brighten up the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas.  Providing extra light over benchtops it can also add warmth under the toe-kicks at the bottom of cabinets or be hidden away for a more minimal look. Because LEDs are affordable and long lasting, you can use them almost anywhere.

Sensor lighting isn’t just for front steps anymore. New low-level sensor lighting is discreet and unobtrusive, so it can be installed wherever it’s needed. One example? Installed into hallways and bathrooms, it’s useful for families with young children who need to get up during the night.

Skylights are subtle, and easy to maintain these days. They’re being installed more and more, particularly as homeowners try to use every inch of space in their homes. Some smaller ensuites, for example, are built into windowless spaces, making a skylight essential.  Skylights can also help to achieve all day sun in darker rooms within a home.

Home automation is growing in popularity. Owners can now use smart-phone apps to control almost everything, from air-conditioning and alarms, to door entry. Some systems can be integrated, giving owners voice control over these functions as well. Smart-tech options like automatic dimmers and responsive heating and cooling systems are also becoming more affordable.

Outdoor living

Decking is no longer standard. The options used to be limited to Kwila or pine, but now owners can choose from a huge range of materials to suit their homes, including Vitex, Purple Heart, and composite materials such as recycled plastic and bamboo composites that require little maintenance and don’t shrink and move like traditionally timber decking. Decks are also becoming more elaborate, with built-in seating and over multiple levels.

Outdoor rooms are a great way for owners to get more living space particularly from a small house. These tend to start out as a deck or patio, which is then covered and completely or partially screened to create an extra dining or entertaining space. Add a couple of weatherproof outdoor couches, and you’re set.  Or if budget permits, install automated blinds or louvres with rain sensors and you won’t even need to worry when drops fall!

Whether you’re a trendsetter or a traditionalist, renovating is your chance to get the look, features, and functionality you’ve always dreamed of. And the MyHome Renovations team is here to help.


Get in touch with us today to start your renovation journey.

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