At MyHome Renovations, we complete renovation projects under a fixed price. This means we take the time and make a real effort to get to know the details of your project so we can accurately price up the required labour, materials and subcontractors.

So once we have agreed on the fixed price and the building contract is signed, the price you pay will only change if;

  • you request a change or add to the scope of the project,
  • the council asks for additional work to be done,
  • something that could not be seen or discovered in the planning/quoting stage is revealed (eg; rotten framing, asbestos, rock in the ground),
  • you select an item that differs to the PC sum allowance (see other FAQ explanation) included in the price.

This is a different approach to many other builders, who will usually only take on renovation work on a charge-up/cost-plus basis.

You can read more about the differences between the two in our article Fixed Price v Charge-Up: Choosing Your Renovation Building Contract

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